Now that you have plans to change the landscaping around your house, give a lot of thought to including a variety of rocks. You might not think that decorative rock can provide any meaningful benefits for your landscaping, but that's not the case. Read the information provided below. You'll find four great reasons to add decorative rock throughout your yard. 

Drought-Resistant Design Features

If you're losing your lawn to drought conditions, make some changes in your yard. A lawn requires a great deal of water to stay healthy. Unfortunately, you have to cut back on the watering schedule during drought conditions. If you don't, you could actually end up with some hefty fines from the city, which is the last thing you want to deal with. That's where rock comes into the picture. Rock doesn't require any water, which means it won't die during a drought. It will also not turn brown and die. Instead, your rock landscaping will continue to look beautiful throughout the drought. 

Requires Little Maintenance

If you're tired of spending your weekends on yard maintenance, add more rock features to your landscaping plans. Rock requires very little maintenance. You'll only need to control the weeds that pop up from time to time. But, if you install heavy-duty tarpaulin before laying your rock, you can even eliminate that maintenance. That's because the tarpaulin will stop weeds from sprouting. 

Increases Pest Protection

If you're noticing an increase in pest activity around your yard, or even inside your home, take a close look at your landscaping. If you have lawn or mulch right up against the foundation of your home, you could start seeing an increase in pest activity, especially if there's a lot of moisture. One way to reduce pest activity in your home and yard is to redo your landscaping. Start by tearing out the lawn and gardens that grow right up against your home. Finish by installing decorative rock around your home instead. 

Improves Soil Saturation

Finally, if you have a big problem with water runoff, and soil erosion, it's time to invest in decorative rock. Decorative rock does more than beautify your yard. It also improves soil saturation, which reduces water runoff and soil erosion. That's because the rock acts as a buffer to slow down the flow of water through your yard. As a result, water has a chance to actually get absorbed into the soil, which decreases the risk of soil erosion.

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