Throwing a block party affords the perfect opportunity to get to know the neighbors that you typically only see in passing, and to strengthen your bond with neighbors you are already friends with. After filling out the necessary applications you'll need for your block party, there are the decorations, the food, and the entertainment to worry about.

You will also need to consider cleanup after everyone goes home from the party. While this might sound like a hefty and expensive task, there are a few things you can do to minimize the burden of hosting a block party. Here are four things to consider implementing to ensure your party's success on a budget:

Rented Receptacles

One of the most useful things you can incorporate into your block party is a rented roll off dumpster. Placing a dumpster along the curb near the entrance of your block party will help ensure that your guests have a convenient place to throw away plates, cups, dirty diapers, and other garbage.

This will also minimize any garbage left behind on the street so you don't have to hire a service crew clean up after the party, or spend hours doing it yourself. Consider putting out a few small garbage cans near the dumpster for can and bottle recycling. You can take the recycling in after the party and redeem the refund for them and use the money to help cover the cost of the dumpster rental.

Plastic Party Tape

Plastic party tape is a weatherproof alternative to streamers and are an inexpensive way to decorate the area where your block party will be held. They can also be used to set boundaries in areas where guests shouldn't peruse, such as in neighbors' private yards and porches. Just string the party tape along the boundary of the block party and put up a few signs indicating that guests shouldn't pass the tape.

Plastic party tape comes in a variety of widths, colors, and designs and can be secured with tape. You can give a small roll to each immediate neighbor so they can block off their own property as they see fit in advance of the party.

A Potluck Signup List

Making your block party a potluck is a great way to save lots of money, as you'll only be responsible for one dish yourself. But to ensure that the potluck meets the needs and expectations of all your guests, it's a good idea to create a potluck signup sheet and circulate it among your guests so each person can choose what they want to bring.

Your potluck sheet should list all of the types of dishes you'd like to see at the party and provide enough space for four or five people to sign up under each type of item on the list. This will help ensure that you don't end up with several salads and no main dishes, or lots of soda yet no sides.

Local High School Bands

To create some excitement and entertainment for your block party without spending a lot of money, talk to local high school bands in your community and ask them to perform for your guests. You may find that you can book an entire afternoon of entertainment in exchange for some food from the potluck and an invitation to enjoy the party before and after performances.

If you don't have enough space to host bands or you prefer not to create a lot of noise, consider talking to local performing arts students and putting a short comedic play together, or having a cheerleading squad perform instead.

Ask a couple of neighbors to manage one or two of party aspects listed here so you can have a little fun with the party planning and hosting process yourself.