As the holiday season approaches, it's important for children to learn the value of giving along with other holiday traditions. Along with purchasing presents for other family members, children should see how fortunate they are to celebrate holidays with family and friends. By communicating and reaching out to local programs, children have the ability to put a little effort in and help make the holidays meaningful for less-privileged children. Your children can use the following four methods to help give to other children during the holiday season. Each method showcases giving and caring that comes with the happy holidays.

Video Game Sales & Trades

As a child's video game collection builds, there are often titles they no longer play or have interest in. If this is the case for your child, then they can turn the dust collecting games into a nice gift for children. By going to various video game stores, the child can trade in games for store credit, cash, or other games. These deals allow your child to pick out video games, toys, and other items for a child in need.

When working with various family services, the child can be matched with another child who has a specific interest in video games. This will help the child select an appropriate game and really understand where the gift is going to.

Can Collecting

One of the easiest ways for a child to collect money to help those in need is through can collecting. A child can collect aluminum cans from their home and other family and friends. Once enough cans are collected, they can be recycled to help the child earn extra money. This is a great way to show the value of hard work. The more work that the child puts in, the more money they will make and can give to another child in need. 

After the holidays, the can recycling can continue. Children can collect cans and raise money for all types of things including items they are trying to save up for. To help encourage the can collecting, you can work with recycling centers to purchase can containers or recycling bags. It will help a child stay organized and focus through their drive to earn money. Contact a local professional, such as Main Street Fibers, for more information. 

Folding Papercrafts

Putting some effort into craft gifts can create meaningful gifts for the holiday season. For children, folding papercrafts are an ideal way to give neat gifts or package them with other items like gift cards or treats. For the holiday season, you can print out a variety of themed papercrafts. Examples of free printables include Santa Claus, his reindeer, or even a Christmas tree design. Once printed, the designs can be cut and folded to create the final design. The extra time and care that a child puts into each craft can help them feel how good it is to give to others.

Aside from holiday papercrafts, you have the ability to print out a number of pop-culture themed papercraft themed characters. If the child knows a lot about the kid they are gifting to, then they can print specific papercraft designs related to movies, cartoons, and video games. When printing out the crafts, they should be done a thick cardstock paper. This helps create a durable papercraft that can stand on it's own and become a great decoration.

Holiday Visits

The holidays are not just about receiving gifts. Along with working to supply a nice present, a child can take time out of the week to visit some less-fortunate children. Not only does this provide the children a new friend or companion, but it may lead to a lifelong friendship between the two. The friendship can be extended through emails, letters, and other means of communication. Along with the visit, the child can do other activities like papercrafting or can collecting together. It's a great way to bond and celebrate the holidays.

Communicate with your children to see their opinions and ideas on various activities. You do not want to force your child to do anything, but you can strongly encourage it and express all the benefits that go along with it.